Working with me is not about what I can offer, it is about you – what you want to achieve, your goals and your path. Everyone is different while your lived experiences and personality helped shape who you are today, I am your thought partner towards your best possible self and a meaningful life.

I devote my work and research to positive psychology with individuals, leaders and organizations. I consult and coach individuals, leaders and organizations toward positive growth and well-being in their personal and professional lives in meaningful ways. I use the science of psychology in practical ways that support my clients towards goal reaching, self-awareness, strength building and overall well-being including life satisfaction, job satisfaction, etc.

As a Psychologist and a certified Positive Psychology Wellness and Well-Being Coach, I help clients find their best possible self, and achieve the highest level of life satisfaction. Life satisfaction is not about just an individual’s current feelings; it encompasses both the person’s perceptions about how life has gone so far, his or her feelings about where it’s headed and the perception of where it is going.

I work with individuals who feels stuck, who are ready to commit to change. I help my clients define their goals and find constructive ways to achieve those goals. Through assessments and working together, clients will develop strength and self-actualization. Programs and sessions are customized in accordance with the individual’s current situation, worldview, challenges, and inspirations.

I work with working women who feel the need to get (better) control of their lives and challenges around them, navigate through life’s challenges, and turning stress into positive energy. I help define practical ways towards work-life integration and overall well-being (emotional well-being, career well-being, social well-being, financial well-being, physical well-being, etc.)

I work with leaders and executives to develop self-actualizing leaders, emotional intelligent leaders, through programs of strength-based leadership, the art (and science) of positive influence and leadership presence and strategy. As a globally experienced leader with 20 years of expertise in international and multinational corporations around the world, through assignments in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America, I have held leadership and management positions as well as direct coaching and consulting experiences with global CEOs, Board members and senior executive teams.

Organizations are living organisms. I help provide the human part of the equation for organizational success through organization diagnosis, culture alignment and management and customized well-being program.

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