I have a PhD in International Psychology with the concentration in Organizations and Systems. I work with organizations towards a holistic approach on well-being. I help organizations and its people understand the true value of culture (both people & corporate) and purpose. I help develop emotionally intelligent leaders as individuals and/or within an organization. I also have a Master’s in Media Psychology and Social Change. The world we live in today, technology has become a basic necessity. Therefore, multi-tasking is the new normal. The future of jobs has changed tremendously in the last decade(s). Therefore, the way people interact and collaborate has also changed. I work with individuals to craft a life that is resilient and adaptive. I used to be one of the global executives who worked 18-hour days in multiple time zones due to the availability of technology. I do not believe in work-life balance per se, as it implies that something has to give in order to gain. Rather, I help people to master a work-life integrated life. One of my niche is working with women to help craft an actionable work-life integrated blueprint which promotes self-awareness and strength. I work with women leadership to understand their strength and unique elements that they bring to the mix.

My research associate with well-being and human flourishing. I understand the importance of defining and embracing the best possible self. I have conducted extensive research on life satisfaction, job satisfaction, meaning in life, meaningful work, cross-cultural and cultural well-being, multi-generational perspectives on well-being, authentic happiness in the digital age, etc.

I am members of American Psychological Association; Canadian Psychological Association; International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS); and founding member of meaningful work interest group of International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM). In addition, as a committee member of Work and Organizations Division at the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), I was appointed as the Regional Representative for Asia in the effort to promote interdisciplinary collaborations, research opportunities and knowledge exchange.


My approach


I use a psychological approach towards well-being in coaching and consulting. Psychologists have better understanding of human behavior, motivations and emotions. Every individual and every organization is unique and different. I believe in building a strong partnership with my clients as their thought partner, by customizing the programs and sessions in accordance with the client’s strength, worldview, challenges, and inspirations.

I am a positive psychology researcher and practitioner. Taking my background as psychologist about the science and practice of human behavior, I use it to create an evidence-based practice of positive psychology coaching and consulting. I use the science in practical ways that support my clients towards creating success, positive growth and well-being in their personal and professional lives. I pay attention to self-efficacy and self-actualization. I help clients grasp what constitutes an optimal lifestyle, positive emotions, positive character traits, and enabling positive relationships to help people live pleasant, meaningful, engaged and flourishing lives.

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