Many people are lost in the hassle and bustle of busy lives, because they work long hours, have little time to themselves and everything else. They’ve lost their purpose and passion towards what is important in their lives or they have been derailed towards the wrong path, and feeling “stuck”. I certainly understand that, as I was one of them before.


How to live a happy life?



About me

Hi, I am Dr. Florence Huang. I am a Psychologist, Researcher, Professor and Positive Psychology Wellness & Well-Being Coach. Having spent 20 years in the corporate environment, I’ve coached, trained and consulted in leadership development, communications and organizational effectiveness. I’ve sharpened my unique worldview, with understanding of culture and the challenges, through assignments in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America. Working in leadership roles myself as well as amongst leaders in industries including banking and finance, management consulting, media, etc., I understand what is important and what is at stake.


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Working with me

Working with me is not about what I can offer, it is about you – what you want to achieve, your goals and your path. I am your thought partner towards your best possible self and a meaningful life. I work with individuals who feels stuck, who are ready to commit to change. I work with working women who feel the need to get (better) control of their lives and challenges around them, navigate through life’s challenges, and turning stress into positive energy. I work with leaders and executives to develop self-actualizing leaders, emotional intelligent leaders, through programs of strength-based leadership, the art (and science) of positive influence and leadership presence and strategy. I help provide the human part of the equation for organizational success through organization diagnosis, culture alignment and management and customized well-being program.


Working with me